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Last Day at

February 28, 2014, was my last day as’s Expert Guide to Cigars at I went out in style with an Opus X and some Macallan 18. Long Ashes!

End of an Era

While smoking a Kismet cigar and contemplating my destiny as’s Expert Guide to Cigars after eight years, I decided not to renew my annual contract when the current term expires on February 28, 2014… Read more

Smoke Your Ash Off

Long Ashes to You

Cook Your Ass Off is a new TV show on HLN. In the cigar world, long ashes is a term describing the long ash that holds on at the foot of a lit premium cigar, indicating that the cigar was made with long filler tobacco leaves. This is a good thing. The words long ashes are also used by cigar smokers as a greeting, or when saying goodbye (kind of like aloha).  Combine cook your ass off with the long ash at the end of a smoking cigar and you get Smoke Your Ash Off.