Monthly Archives: April 2014

1907 Cigars by Dunhill

General Cigar announced that new Dunhill 1907 cigars will be available in May 2014… Read more

Lighter Lighter Hands on Fire!

After washing his hands with a liquid sanitizer while driving on I-95, a man accidentally set himself on fire when he tried to light up his cigar. Apparently, hand sanitizer contains alcohol and is flammable. The moral of this story has to be: Don’t wash your hands until after smoking your cigar. Here’s the full story (with video).

FDA Proposal to Regulate Cigars

In the days and weeks ahead, there will be much discussion in cigar blogs and social media about how the cigar industry should respond to the FDA’s request for comments regarding the proposed rule to regulate cigars. I am especially amused by the $10 minimum price included in the proposed definition of a premium cigar… Read more