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Punch Rare Corojo Returning

General Cigar announces that Punch Rare Corojo will make its annual return to retail beginning on February 16, 2015… Read More


Super Cigars For Super Bowl 2015

It’s time to pick up some super cigars for Super Bowl Sunday. This year, the Cigar Czars are going for super size cigars. Here are some of the longest and widest cigars that we have ever seen or smoked… Read more

The Great Smoke 2015

Tickets for the ninth annual “The Great Smoke” cigar event in South Florida are now on sale. This is a major cigar event that attracts cigar smokers from all over the United States. The Great Smoke is scheduled for February 21, 2015, and will be held at a new venue this year. For all the details, visit

Check out The Great Smoke from prior years on and

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