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Aging Review of CAO America Cigar

The CAO America cigar was introduced back in 2007, before CAO became a part of the General Cigar Company. I reviewed a couple of those cigars at that time, but stashed away one of the samples in a humidor, where it has been aging for almost 10 years! This is a review of that cigar… Read more


Labor Day Cigars

Happy Labor Day to all of us who work hard for a living! Whether you work in a Foundry or march in an Army Brigade, celebrate and enjoy the fruits of your labor with a fine cigar. If you’re a Banker, a Punch press operator, or even a Brick layer, there’s a special Labor Day cigar for you, too. Happy Labor Day, America!

Celebrating America!

CAO America is still our cigar of choice on American holidays. It’s not just the band and the name, but this particular cigar is also made with at least some tobacco which is grown right here in the USA. CAO America pairs very well with Eagle Rare, a bourbon which is also made in the USA.

Therefore, on Independence Day and every American holiday, be extra proud to Be an American, Smoke American, and Drink American!