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Long Ash Wednesday

If you missed the celebration of National Cigar Day on February 27, here’s another reason to enjoy a cigar on March 5, 2014. Long Ash Wednesday is the day after Fat Tuesday, and marks the beginning of Lent. Enjoy some holy smokes from Saint Luis Rey and Jesus Fuego, or go all the way and fire up a Kosher Senor Solomon Cigar, which can even be enjoyed by those of Jewish faith during Passover. And don’t forget to rub some ashes on your forehead if you can’t make it to church on Ash Wednesday.


Cuban Long Ashes

Dick Dimeola, retired executive with the old Consolidated Cigar Company (now Altadis USA), sent me this link to a long ash contest that was held during Cuba’s Cigar Fest last week. Here’s some video, too! Thanks Dick, and yes, it is both ironic and appropriate for the long ash article to appear on the same day as my long ash goodbye from About.com on February 28. It also fits in with the theme of my new website at SmokeYourAshOff.com.